It’s no secret that I’ve got a thing for Converse. Probably own about 10 pairs of Chuck’s, but never ventured into their other styles…until now with the release of the limited edition Don C ERX 260 range.

They remind me a bit of the Adidas Metro Attitude Hi from a while back, especially the Animal Mid Top White with its blue and yellow accents. The new limited edition range comes in 5 versions. Ranging from a subdued white with black/grey accents to the more outrageous black animal version with metallic blue accents and leopard print inserts. Although the mostly red with white accents is surely going to get noticed as well.

Limited Edition 80s Style

The ERX 260 shoe is marketed as mid-top sneakers reminiscent of 80s style basketball shoes like so many are flooding the market in the last year. Converse’s latest addition to the fold is definitely looking like a winner. Especially in this limited run ensuring not everyone will be walking in them and get some heads to turn.

Retailing at AU $200 a pair the ERX 260 not a bargain, but seeing its a limited run, well worth the money. Now the question is….which one to get?!

Buy them directly from Converse here.

Converse X Don C ERX 260 Black Animal
Converse X Don C ERX 260 Black Metal
Converse X Don C ERX 260 White
Converse X Don C ERX 260 White Animal
Converse X Don C ERX 260 Red

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