Summer is here and its time for some beach or pool time. Especially now with the holiday season at our doorstep its time to get some new swimwear to let you look and feel your best.

You pretty much have two choices of swimwear (well three if you count not wearing anything) when you go to the beach or the pool. You either wear shorts of a varying length or if you are a real guy who isn’t a prude or insecure about himself, you wear a swimsuit. And when we say swimsuit, we mean speedos, sungas, trunks, budgy smugglers or whatever else you want to call them.

Still, we get that not everyone has the confidence to wear budgies or that some live in a country that is so far up themselves that they expect guys to wear shorts down to their knees. All to keep mass hysteria and fainting of the masses at bay. Heaven forbid we should identify that guys have a penis and balls (news flash….we already know you have those) through their swimwear.


CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co Swimwear

CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co. range | © CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co.

So much choice, so little time to actual buy and wear them all. No seriously, if you can’t find a swimsuit that suits your body, cut/style or comfort level, you’re not trying. There’s the brief, traditional cut, bikini, classic cut, low-rise and a few others in terms of cut/style, and every colour under the sun from solids to prints. Not to mention pricing levels that cater to every budget.

Budgy Smuggler, swimwear

James Brodie and Andrew Smythe wearing Budgy Smuggler

The best thing about swimsuits is that they keep your stuff in check and don’t leave those idiotic tan lines that make you look like you’re still wearing shorts down to your knees even though you’ve taken them off.

Word of advice, avoid white swimsuits, unless they’re double lined. You might display more than you want to when you stroll out from the surf…unless that’s your intention.

aussieBum briefs

aussieBum briefs | © aussieBum

Some of our favourite brands include:

Swim Shorts

Yellow swim short by Modus Vivendi

Yellow swim short by Modus Vivendi

The swim short is always a safe bet. You can’t go wrong with it. Like the swim suit there are too many styles, cuts, patterns and colour to name so you’re bound to find a pair or five for your wardrobe. They are more versatile than the swim suit as it can double up as normal shorts for other activities.

Solid colours in either reserved colours like navy, black or red will never really go out of fashion. For a more daring solid colour you can opt for yellow, pink, purple, lime green or other bright colours. A hint of classic style can be found when adding piping to reserved solid colours.

assieBum Splash Red

assieBum Splash Red | © aussieBum

Patterns abound these days as well. Stripes, flamingos, ferns, food or even printing a photo you took onto shorts is possible. We’re a big fan of bright colours for the beach with a bit of a cheeky print. Lets be honest, its sunny and having fun in the sun is what it’s all about!

Fit wise we recommend something mid thigh and not too baggy. Anything longer looks like basketball shorts, not to mention cumbersome in the water. There are pools that won’t let you in with long, baggy shorts since it hampers your ability to swim properly.

Here are some of our favourites:

Now its time to grab your beach towel, sunglasses, sun screen, flip flops and head down to the beach or pool and show off those!

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