It’s finally summer here in the Southern Hemisphere and time to get your skin ready for sun, sea and sand.

We’re sure you’ve spent your time getting yourself physically ready for summer during the winter months like all these so-called health and fitness experts would like you to believe you should be doing. You know the one – summer bodies are made in winter.

Of course, there’s a bit of truth in it. Lets be honest, pigging out for months in winter and sitting on your sofa every night is not going to be the best for you. Then again, everyone who is physically active with sports will generally be active all year round.

Aside from getting toned and fit (or not), what can you do?


Shower Time, summer skinUsing a scrub or exfoliating as it is called is a great place to start. There are specific scrubs for both your face and body, but they’re generally not interchangeable. Good facial scrubs contain a percentage (up to 12% for over-the-counter products) of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) such as glycolic acid in conjunction with a form of mechanical ingredient like micro-beads. Both ingredients work together to exfoliate old skin cells and encourage new skin cells to surface when applied to damp skin, worked into the skin and left to activate for a 2-3 minutes before rinsing off.

Body scrubs work slightly different and most products do not include AHAs, simply for the fact that its just too expensive. Instead courser minerals such as sodium chloride (mineral salt), activated charcoal combination with antioxidants. Like a face scrub apply to damp skin, rub the scrub around in a circular motion and rinse off when completed.

Avoid products using plastic micro-beads, they are harmful to sea life where a lot of water run off from your shower will go. Also, scrubs should not include perfumes as they irritate your skin resulting in the opposite to what you were after in the first place.

We recommend using scrub products from Lqd Skin Care.

Daily Wash

Dive In, summer skinYour daily wash is probably even more important that doing a scrub every 3-4 days. Every morning, before you go to bed and if you’ve done a work out, cleanse your skin and remove build up. It cleans out your pores and reduces their size leaving your skin look tighter and more youthful. Most importantly, it helps to reduce the chance of break outs together with a good diet and drinking plenty of water.

Avoid products with fragrances, essential oils, sulphates, parabens, phtalates or colouring. None of them are necessary to the function of cleansing your skin and just increase the chance of skin irritation. Apply this to both face washes as well as body washes, ie. read the label before you buy.

Like the scrub, find out where the product is made or even sold. Some countries still require skin products to be tested on animals and I’m sure we can agree that in this day and age that is no longer acceptable.

Again, we’ve used a lot of daily wash products over the years, but Lqd Skin Care is definitely the top contender for their daily wash products. And no, this is not a sponsored article.


MoisturiseRight, so you’ve scrubbed and washed your skin. Now its time for your moisturiser. This may sound odd, but even apply a moisturiser before putting on sun screen. We don’t recommend using moisturisers with an SPF in it. There’s just too many variables that can bring the SPF factor down. So, moisturise followed by a good brand of sun screen.

Why should you moisturise? Well, just for the simple fact that buy washing your body & face and by being in water you extract moisture from the skin. That moisture needs to be replenished and skin to be nourished for the day or night ahead.

None of the bad stuff listed under the ingredients to avoid in the face wash should show up in your moisturiser.

Hair Removal

Man Shirtless, summer skinSensitive subject for some guys, but lets tackle it head on. There’s a few options open to you ranging from shaving to hair removal creams, waxing and ultimately laser hair removal. These are personal choices and to some extend financial choices as well, but if hair growth in particular parts of your body really bothers you, get a consultation at a laser hair removal clinic. They can give you advice on pricing and if your skin/hair is suited for it. You can’t really do laser hair removal in summer anyway, so save up and get it done during the winter months.

Just be careful you don’t look like a plucked chicken when you get to the beach or pool. Summer skin or not, you’ll most likely look like an idiot.

Manicure & Pedicure

Dirty HandsAnother touchy subject for a lot of guys – getting your nails done. Well, its more than just getting your nails done, just ask your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister. Hand and feet care are an important part of your skin routine, if nothing less, than these are some of the most utilised parts of your body, why not take care of them?

If you’re unsure, search the internet for a salon that caters to male needs so that both you and them are comfortable when you walk in the door and sit down in that chair. Trust me, your feet and hands will thank us later. And remember, your hands are the first thing someone notices when they meet you. Because guess what, when you go to shake their hand, that’s where their eyes travel, your hands.


Fun at the beachWe can’t even begin to stress how important sunscreen is, especially in summer. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays should be your first priority, not getting a tan.

We can’t vouch for other countries, but in Australia you can check pretty much every weather app and it will give you a UV Index rating between 0 and 11+. Clearly the higher it goes, the more harmful the sun is that day.

Stay out of the sun during the sun’s peak and apply sun screen regularly, preferably an SPF 30. It’s up to you if you want to use a normal or oil based sunscreen, both have their pros and cons, especially when at the beach.

Make sure you reapply after you’ve been in the water, have been sweating excessively or physically active.

Most of all, be Sun Smart. To find out more about Sun Smart click the link here.

Some of our favourites include:

Time to get ready that skin ready for summer!

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