Australia has produced some great brands in its relatively short history. Think of brands like Speedo, Qantas, Vegemite, Kylie Minoque & Hugh Jackman, TimTams and a very debatable beer called Foster’s.

These are all great brands with long-standing histories, but what about new or relatively unknown, established brands outside Australia (and New Zealand)? Lets get you your Australian fix, the brand edition!


aussieBum, australianThis Sydney underwear and swimwear brand, the brain child of founder Sean Ashby, has been an icon across the globe since its inception in 2001. An online-only business, it has carved out a pocket in the heavily competitive arena of underwear/swimwear, most notably with its Wonderjock technology and being one of the only companies in the world to still make 100% nylon swimwear.

Want some aussieBum’s? You can buy them here:

Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances, australianAnother Sydney inspiration is Glasshouse Fragrances who still make and create their candles and diffusers in the Sydney suburb of Rydalmere. Co-founder and creative director Nicole Eckels is a strong believer that beautiful fragrances can change a mood, transform a room and create an emotional escape.

It is the #1 home fragrance company in Australia and known for its triple scented candles with illustrious names like Montego Bay (Coconut Lime), Tahaa (Vanilla Caramel), Rio de Janeiro (Passionfruit & Lime), Beverly Hills (Pink Lemonade) and 23 other amazing fragrances to lift the spirit in your house.

Check out their range here:

Industrie Clothing

Industrie Clothing, australianSydney is going strong in this list! Industrie Clothing from the inner west suburb of Marrickville has been making waves in the Australian men’s fashion since 1999. Known for its no-nonsense style and affordable basics it has grown to over 120 locations in Australia and concession stores in department stores Myer and David Jones.

We’re big fans of their clothing here at Steele + Martin. They sell clothing across the whole range of what you need from shirts to shorts and jeans to accessories.

Check out their range here:

LQD Skin Care

LQD Skin Care, australianWhat do you get when you put together two incredibly attractive owners, a product range that does what it says and a culture of looking good? You guessed it, a success story! Founders Anthony and Chris have in only a few short years made LQD Skin Care a powerhouse in the male skin care industry.

Sure, they both look amazing, but its their approach to men’s skin care, grooming and overall body ethos that has resonated with yours truly. I started using their products when they were just starting out and haven’t looked at any other brand since then. Having used skin care products for over 20 years, the LQD range is the best by a mile. My skin has never looked or felt better.

Even though its a “men’s only” brand I know plenty of girls who swear by these products.

If you want skin care without the marketing bullshit, go check LQD out here:


KeepCup Brew, reusableLike LQD, KeepCup is a Melbourne started and based company and is out there to make the planet a better place. The maker’s of one of the more attractive reusable coffee cups aims to reduce the number of disposable cups we Australian’s use every day.

They come in a variety of sizes that are barista standard sized. I can have one in either a plastic material, standard glass or double-walled glass. I can close off the lid, which is especially handy on a bumpy bus, train or subway ride. And most of all, I can create my own and have it sent to me!

Want one yourself? You can buy them here:


nana-judyWe’re staying in Melbourne with the streetwear makers nANA jUDY who burst onto the public scene only recently and challenge conventional style yet still make it accessible.

In their words they continuously push the boundaries of design aesthetic, innovation and quality. I own a few pieces and get comments whenever I wear one of them. You stand out in a good way and it always feels great being noticed, right?

Check out their range here:

Wise Jewellery

Wise Jewellery, australian, bondiI did want to feature a brand that is pretty much unknown to most people. In this case, Wise Jewellery. Owner and creator Matt Wise has been making jewellery from his Bondi workshop for over 20 years.

It’s sometimes pretty hard for guys to find great jewellery pieces that are both quality and have uniqueness about them. I tend to go for silver as gold looks gaudy on me and Matt delivers every time. The image above shows some of the pieces I bought from Wise recently.

Check out his range on:


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