Recent international motor shows have given us some great looking concept cars. It’s about time manufacturers start putting them into production without removing everything that made the concept car great to begin with.

Every year there are a few concept cars that make us giddy with excitement, but when the car finally goes into production (if it does at all) we’re most of the time extremely disappointed. We get some watered down, diet coke variety of something that remotely resembles the concept car. Boring, bland and mediocre.

Let’s hope these manufacturers see the light!

Mazda KAI Concept

Slated as the preview of the 2019 Mazda3 during the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow, the KAI Concept is a sleek and aggressive looking concept car. Here’s to hoping that Mazda will keep it mostly looking this way and doesn’t go the “cute” route with this car.

More information on the Mazda KAI can be found here.Mazda KAI Concept, concept cars Mazda KAI Concept Side Mazda KAI Concept Back Mazda KAI Concept Interior

BMW Concept Z4

Fingers crossed BMW will take the Concept Z4 concept car into production as it was presented at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance recently. The joint effort of Toyota and BMW will also result in a new Toyota Supra, although from the looks of the camouflaged version of that we’d rather have the new Z4. See for yourself.

BMW Concept Z4 Front, concept cars BMW Concept Z4 Back BMW Concept Z4 Interior

Polestar 1

Volvo’s performance arm is now a separate company, but for its first concept car went through its parent company’s old drawer to claim the “1” as their first car – remember the Volvo Concept Coupe from 2013? We know it’s going to have a hybrid engine putting out 447kW power and only 500 a year will be made using the same platform as the Volvo 90-series.

Here’s to hoping the next car they “introduce’ is the super sexy Concept Estate also originally introduced in 2013. There’s a thought – Polestar can produce all the concept cars Volvo doesn’t want to make! Information on Polestar can be found here.

Polestar 1 white exterior, front, concept cars Polestar 1 white exterior, 3/4 rear Polestar 1 interior, dashboard Volvo Concept Estate

Honda Urban EV Concept

Who remembers the 1st generation Honda Civic from the 1970s? Well, Honda took a big armful of inspiration from that car it seems for the Urban EV Concept introduced at the 2017 IAA Frankfurt . For an EV it look muscular and aggressive, let’s hope its as fast as a Tesla Model S in Ludicrous mode. The best part? Honda Europe has said it will put the concept car in the European market in 2019! (runs to dealership to place an order)

Honda Urban EV Concept, concept carsHonda Urban EV ConceptHonda Urban EV Concept Honda Urban EV Concept

Nissan IDx Nismo

I know, this is not a new concept car, but I’m really, really, really hoping Nissan will finally see the light and take the IDx Nismo Concept Car introduced in 2013 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Like the Honda Urban EV its inspired by a 1970s Datsun. It just begs you to drive it fast and take a chance of losing your licence. Do it Nissan!

Nissan IDx Concept, concept cars Nissan IDx Concept Nissan IDx Nismo Interior

In the mean time, we’ll continue to dream until car manufacturers will make these cars a reality. At least it gives us enough time to fatten that savings account so we can run straight to a dealership when production is announced.

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