Summer is around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere and aside from protecting your eyes against damaging UV rays, sunglasses have the ability to make or break your face.

Luckily, there are hundreds of styles, colours, materials and lens technologies (polarised or non-polarised) to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of guys buy sunglasses that just don’t suit the shape of their face. Instead, they’re bought because they like the brand, some celebrity wears them or they’ve seen them on someone else and thought they looked cool.

That’s where they went wrong. Sunglasses do need to work with the shape of your head. There are 4 main head shapes to consider: square, heart, round and oval. So take a look in the mirror and check out the 4 shapes and the sunglasses that go with them.

Square Face

Persol Calligrapher

Persol Calligrapher | © Luxottica Group

You’ve guessed it, the square faced guy’s features are quite distinctive and are likely to have a broad jawline and a chiseled brow. Curved sunglasses go with square faces, so you’d want to consider round shapes – these include pilots, oval and wrapped frames or even semi-rimless styles to balance out a prominent jaw.

Suggested styles:

Heart Face

Krewe Breton Matte Oyster 24k

Krewe Breton Matte Oyster 24k | © Krewe du Optic

Oh stop my beating heart…kidding. The heart face shaped guy is lucky because he can wear sunglasses that are a little bit more out there. Features of this head shape are a broader brow and a narrow chin. Your aim is to use your sunglasses to smooth out the proportions of your face, not exaggerate them and draw attention towards the lower part of your face, not up.

Suggested styles:

Oval Face

Tom Cruise Aviator

Tom Cruise wearing Aviators | © Paramount Pictures

You lucky bastard! The oval face shape can pretty much wear any style. Characterised by a face that is taller than it is wide you can go nuts when buying sunglasses. You really only have to worry about how much you’re going to spend and what outfits your new shades go with. I’d still stay away from heavy round shaped sunglasses or very angular ones as the first can make you look a bit doughy and the latter harsh.

Suggested styles:

Round Face

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer | © Paramount Pictures

Guys with a more round face profile should probably stay away from round shaped sunglasses. In this case, two minuses don’t make a positive. This face has similar height and width in terms of shape so you’d best go with more geometric shapes to break up that roundness like wayfarers or rectangular shaped shades.

Suggested styles:

Happy shopping!

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