Like last month’s Moscow Mule cocktail, the White Russian has little to do with Russia itself, aside from our good friend vodka. It’s a twist on the original Black Russian cocktail with the addition of cream to the drink.

For those of you, like myself, who love the taste of coffee the White Russian and its more basic Black Russian cocktail is a great alternative to the Espresso Martini. It’s incredibly simple and some would even say, unsophisticated, but don’t let the nay-sayers withhold you from giving this drink a try.

White Russian Cocktail

The White & Black Russian cocktails have a bit of history dating back to 1949 when it was first created by a Belgian barman at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels. It really shot to popularity due to the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski in which the leading character was a big fan of the drink.

As mentioned earlier, vodka is its main ingredient mixed with a coffee liqueur like Kahlua or Tia Maria and fresh cream. Leave the cream out to make a Black Russian.

Making your White Russian

Again, not a complicated drink to make. Simple build the ingredients over ice in an Old Fashioned glass.

What you need:

Grab your Old Fashioned glass and add some ice. Add the vodka and coffee liqueur and give it a stir to mix the content. Now, slowly poor the fresh cream along the side of the glass to create a nice swirling effect and don’t stir the drink anymore. Serve straight away.

Careful with how many of these you drink. They’re quite potent, slightly fattening due to the cream and can give you a hang over since it has a relatively high sugar content.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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