For this Cocktail Hour we’re trying something slightly different. The Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail institution that should be both honoured and feared at the same time.

Why do I say that? Well, I like to refer to the drink as a Strong Island Iced Tea since it has a lot of alcohol in it, but you don’t really notice it. See the problem here?

For those of you who have been following the Cocktail Hour series you know I’ve covered off most of the spirits in the Long Island Iced Tea already, but never together in one drink. Normally I’m not a fan of overly fancy or overcomplicated cocktails, however I’m making an exception for today’s contestant.

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

You guessed it, the drink originated on Long Island by a guy named Robert Butt who worked at the Oak Beach Inn in 1927 and the drink was first made for a cocktail making contest. Ok, that is the most common story of its original, but honestly, who the hell knows.

All I know is that if you’re planning on getting boozy on a sunny weekend afternoon, the Long Island Iced Tea is a good place to start with tequila, vodka, white rum, gin and triple sec making and appearance in one drink.

Making Your Long Island Iced Tea

As is expected, another simple to make cocktail from yours truly. Most people will have the spirits at home to make this cocktail, so no extra trips to the liquor store are needed and no need for any high-brow brand either (read: decent quality)

What you need:

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add all ingredients with the lemon/lime mixture last and stir trough with a large bar spoon. Top with cola and garnish with a piece of lime and pop in a straw for easy drinking.

Drink extra responsibly!

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