There are a few simple ways to make your house feel like a home through well-thought-out home accessories. It takes your living space from cold to friendly in one go.

If you spend any time on Pinterest or browsing through living style type magazines a recurring theme is the “modern interior”. That is another word for bare and cold and the complete opposite you want your personal space to be.

In most of these grand spaces, that quite frankly no-one can afford except for a very few fortunate people, a certain lack of warmth is present. You see big furniture pieces and lush rugs, grandiose artwork pieces….and you think “wow, that looks like an awful space to live in”.

So what can you do to avoid this?

Dress up your walls

Artwork, Prints, PostersMost people have painted walls in some form of white. That’s great because it creates an illusion that, for example the living, is bigger than it is. The problem with these big, bare surfaces is, is that they lack warmth and if nothing is on them can create an echo in your living space.

A great solution is to place artwork on the wall. Choose something that fits with the rest of your colour scheme or overall decor. And please don’t put some heinous reproduction of an Andy Warhol on your wall….that makes you look like a pretentious dick.

I like travelling and the vintage style posters from Travel Poster Co. are a perfect piece for my walls. Plus they’re rather inexpensive form of home accessories so if I get tired of them I have no issue replacing them.

Add life to your life

Plants, greenery, home accessoriesNo, I don’t mean asking your girlfriend/boyfriend to move in with you. House plants! Not only does greenery brighten up a living space, some even are good for your health.

I’m not a big fan of flowering plants to be honest. They only flower for a short period of time and once the bloom has gone off you’re stuck with on unsightly piece of greenery that even the cat doesn’t want to nibble on.

Succulents are easy and low maintenance and don’t need a lot of space. They’re easy to chuck on a side table or coffee table. Some slightly larger plants like the zamioculcas pictured above (2nd photo) fit perfectly on a dining room table or side table. Every living room has a dead space in it, it’s unavoidable, but it’s the perfect spot to put a large plant like a rubber plant.

My inspiration came from a UK company called Patch who supply indoor and outdoor plants through their website,

Decorate it

Home Accessories, coasters, storage

Now, before you go on a shopping binge, plan ahead before your place looks like your 80 year old aunty Betty’s living room. Think less is more. And try to go for natural materials. Wooden or bamboo coasters, felt or fabric storage boxes, glass or metal tea lights. You’re catching my drift? Good!

Again, home accessories don’t have to be expensive. Go to IKEA, a 2 dollar shop or any large chain home decor store like Bed Bath ‘N Table. However, choose with care and don’t just get some and fling it on a table when you get home. Think about your space before buying something and do your research before heading out to the shops.

Not only can you house look good, it can smell good too. Check out our Candles & Diffusers article here.

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