It’s been over 30°C for most of the week here in The Netherlands and it makes me want to plan a beach holiday. Which essentials should you bring for your next sun, sea and sand holiday?

If you’re anything like me, packing for any type of holiday is a bit stressful. Its not like I stress about traveling or get nervous about flying, but more about what to bring and how much of it to take with me. No matter the size of my suitcase it always ends up being full.

This is no different for a holiday to a beach destination. Aside from the standard things to bring you also have to consider beach attire and accessories. I mean, you’re at the beach, its time to get noticed, right?


Rimowa Topas Collection

Rimowa Topas Collection

Plenty of articles have already been written about luggage, the preference between soft and hard outer shells and sizes. Google is your friend I’d say if you want to find your perfect suitcase.

Samsonite is probably the biggest brand out there and they produce some great looking pieces, but aren’t always the cheapest. Similar to Rimowa (Who? They’re the original aluminium suitcases) Spend the money! A good suitcase is worth its money tenfold. Your belongings arrive in one piece and the damn things doesn’t break after one trip like some of the cheap ones you can buy for next to nothing.

Size wise I would go for a larger size. You can always bring less, right? Personally, I have a hard sided Samsonite 81cm Firelite in Chili Red. You can spot it from a mile away on the luggage belt. Get anything but a black suitcase, too many of them around and you end up picking up a few from the luggage belt before you find yours.

Beach Essentials

Mens Beach Survival Pack

Mens Beach Survival Pack

I always have to laugh at those people who rock up at the beach with a bag the size of a weekender bag. Seriously, how much stuff do you need?!

Generally, guys are pretty low maintenance. So, what do you need to pack for your beach holiday trip?

  • Swimwear: no knee-length board shorts, please! Get a couple of decent cut sungas or some fashionable mid-thigh fitting shorts. Remember, your legs would enjoy some sun too and if someone has an issue with your choice of swimwear, that is their problem, not yours. I recommend Ca-RIO-Ca Sunga in a classic cut.
  • Sunglasses: much of your time on the beach is about protecting yourself from the sun – your eyes need protecting too.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm: goes without saying, no excuses. With some coconut scented sunscreen you even smell great too!
  • Hat/cap: So worth it. Often the most overlooked place on the body, but your head is exposed to the sun constantly and closest to it.
  • Flip-flops: Some Havaianas to protect your feet from the hot sand and still look fashionable are the way to go.

Aside from these essentials to get your day in the sun going, you’re also going to need a good sized beach towel, a canvas bag to put your stuff in, water bottle (no plastic!) and a small money pouch to put a bit of money into. No need to tell you NOT to bring your whole wallet to the beach. Don’t be an idiot!

After and before sun care

As much as you want to spend as much time at the beach, you will eventually have to go back to your accommodation to get ready for the evening and the following morning.

When you’re out in the sun and getting your tan, you’re actually damaging your skin. So, make sure you take care of it afterwards and before. Bring a good face wash and moisturiser as well as a nourishing body wash to remove any excess sunscreen and body moisturiser to replenish moisture into a dried out skin. Read labels carefully to avoid fragrances, essential oils and other irritants.

My choice of facial care is the range from LQD Skin Care. I’ve been using skin care products for more than 20 years and this range is hands down the best I’ve come across. I can’t wait for them to bring out their body care products.

Aside from this, make sure you drink plenty of liquids, preferably without alcohol. Replenish the moisture you’ve lost through sweating or by being in the ocean.

Beach Holiday Wardrobe Basics

Beach HolidayI’m going to assume that you won’t have laundry service and don’t want to do any hand wash, so for a week at the beach, aside from the beach essentials, I’d bring the following:

  • 7x t-shirts
  • 2x casual shirts
  • 1x jeans
  • 2x casual shorts
  • 1x sporty shorts
  • 2x sneakers
  • 7x underwear
  • 4x socks
  • Something to sleep in (or just go commando)

This should cover you for any other daytime or evening/nighttime activities away from the beach. I always bring more than 1 pair of Havaianas and maybe some more underwear and shoes, but then again, I like to have a lot of choice. The above is for light travel.

If you’re interested in finding out my recommendations for general wardrobe basics, check it out here.

Whether you’re planning a beach holiday at a beach near you or to a distant destination, remember to have fun with respect local laws and customs and to bring not just your beach holiday essentials, but also your mind open to new cultures and experiences.


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