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I like city trips as much as the next person, but I always struggle with what to bring for my short stay. So, what travel essentials should you take with you on your next city trip?

Whether you go for just a weekend, a week or even longer it’s hard to pack for city trips. Daytime clothing, outfits for a night out, sleepwear, comfortable shoes, your favourite skin care products, extra bags….the list goes on. And before you know it you’re dragging around a massive Samsonite suitcase at the airport on your long weekend away to London.

Well, that’s just me, because I like to be prepared for the “what if” situation and bring some extra shirts, underwear and the like.

So, let’s say we’re preparing for a long weekend (3 nights) to London in June and see what we need to bring.

Pack light

Travel Essentials - City Trip Bags

Travel Essentials – City Trip Bags

I was joking about the massive Samsonite suitcase. In all honesty, you shouldn’t take more than a weekender bag. They actually take quite a bit of stuff and can be used as cabin luggage saving you time at the airport on both ends. Certain airlines even allow up to 12kg (26.5lb) and still let you take on a handbag/messenger/laptop bag. I’d say that’s winning at life.

If you don’t want to use a weekender bag and a backpack instead that would make sense too. Your backpack is probably more versatile to bring items with you whilst you’re out exploring, but if you’re anything like me you don’t want to be that typical tourist with his big backpack on annoying everyone in the street, on public transport, at shops….well, you get my point.

Bags by: RAINS, Oakley and Crumpler.

Clothing + Shoes; Be smart and sensible

Selfridges London

Selfridges London

Well, London in June can still go a lot of ways when it comes to the weather, but I’m going to assume that its going to be mild to sunny (always the optimist).

So, let’s keep it simple when it comes to clothing to bring. Besides, you’re in London, plenty of stores to explore and to buy more clothes.

Your basics in you bag should include:

  • 2x t-shirts – dark colour + light colour
  • 1x polo or casual button up shirt
  • 1x chinos – dark colour
  • 2x shorts – chino shorts + casual shorts
  • 3x underwear
  • 3x socks
  • 1x casual shoes you can also wear at night

This is seperate from what you’re wearing whilst traveling. Wear your heaviest items so that you don’t go over your weight allowance. Make sure to bring a light jacket too and shoes you can walk in all day doing your exploring!

Don’t forget sunglasses and accessories! For inspiration check out our Accessories Basics.

Toiletries and other things to consider

Borough Market LondonOk, so your toiletry bag should always include a good face wash and moisturiser, I’d recommend LQD Skin Care. I’ve been using their products for several years now and wouldn’t use anything else on my face. Gotta look fresh and clean in those selfies at the Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace!

I don’t use hotel shampoos and body washes. They always leave me feeling oily and actually less clean. Most likely your favourite brand does a travel version and that should be more than sufficient for those 3 nights. Otherwise, find a supermarket close to your hotel or Airbnb and buy something there that you like. Trust me, your skin will thank me.

Aside from that, bring a small umbrella. It’s London after all and rain is just around the corner. Some band-aids, nail clippers, tweezers, tooth brush/toothpaste, alcohol wipes are also essentials you should have on you. And lets not forget condoms and lube. Better save than sorry, right?

Plan your city trips

London Phone BoothMost of all, plan your trip before you go and don’t be one of those people with their nose stuck in the Lonely Planet guide that everyone literally bumps into the whole time. You miss half the experience of wondering around somewhere you’ve never been before.

Sure, pick a few “must see and do” things, but don’t forget to explore. Have a chat with some locals, ask for their suggestions. Maybe your hotel or Airbnb host can point you in the right direction, who knows?

Also, if you really want to see a particular show, go to an exhibition or museum, check before if you need to buy tickets and if its open while you’re in town. It would be a shame to miss out when you’ve come all that way.

What are your items or things you have to bring when you go on a city trip? Let me know in the comments below!

Bon voyage!


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